The actual chosen times you should know about your trip

Tanzania and Zanzibar is a great destination for most of the year. The rainy months of April and May are are worth avoiding.  Zanzibar follows a similar pattern to the mainland Tanzania and combining safari and beach has never been easier than here!

Tanzania is on the equator and therefore has a very nice temperature year-round. The only place it ever really gets chilly is in the peaks of Kilimanjaro or on the rim of the mighty Ngorongoro Crater. When safari and beach is the aim of a trip here (which 9 times out of 10 it is), then the main thing to consider is when it rains. There are two main rainy seasons in Tanzania; the short rains and the long rains. The short rains are in November, and can trickly into the following months, but generally it turns nice and dry again before the long rains which erupt in late March/April and carry on through until the end of May.

The best time to go to Tanzania if you are looking to absolutely avoid rain is therefore their winter months of July, August and September… For your beach time this is definitely the best time to go. However, you can sneak in a winter break in December, January and February and have mostly clear sunny skies. It is also important to focus on when the wildlife is at it’s best when deciding when to go to Tanzania.

Generally speaking, across Tanzania the best time to see the most prominent wildlife is from mid-June to the end of October, when the weather is dry and the wildlife is more concentrated around the water in the parks. The bushes are also less dense to the wildlife is easier to spot, which is very true for the more seasonal parks of Southern Tanzania. The Great Wildebeest migration is also spectacular in Northern Tanzania in February as the herds congregate in their thousands for calving season… As you can probably tell, each park in Tanzania has it’s own microclimate and unique times to visit, so please see the breakdowns below for a more detailed review of each month.

However, don’t be put off by the green and shoulder season months – in these months the wildlife can be equally as thrilling, and for quite literally half the cost… Talking to an expert is definitely the best way to discover your perfect time to visit, aligning with your particular interests and priorities.

Number + RainyDaysJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Max Temp Day in Ruaha292929292828272830313230
Min Temp Night in Ruaha191919181715141516181920
Hours of Sunshine in Ruaha6777810910101097
Hours of Daylight in Ruaha131212121212121212121213
Number Rainy Days in Ruaha19171913400002719
Rainfall in Ruaha149123133103171000744149
Match these days in Ruaha with your preferences and get the value of your trip

Ngorongoro Highlands
Number + RainyDaysJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Max Temp Day in Ngorongoro Highlands232322211919192021222222
Min Temp Night in Ngorongoro Highlands1010101110888891010
Hours of Sunshine in Ngorongoro Highlands887677778877
Hours of Daylight in Ngorongoro Highlands121212121212121212121212
Number Rainy Days in Ngorongoro Highlands1615182215766591718
Rainfall in Ngorongoro Highlands108891362131002212151155114137
The preferred times in Ngorongoro Highlands

Number + Rainy DaysJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Max Temp Day in Serengeti292929282727262728292828
Min Temp Night in Serengeti161616161615141515161616
Hours of Sunshine in Serengeti888788888888
Hours of Daylight in Serengeti121212121212121212121212
Number Rainy Days in Serengeti13131621167677101615
Rainfall in Serengeti79101130156893413285471117106
The days in serengeti are well stepulated here in
Number + Rainy DaysJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Max Temp Day in Zanzibar Beaches323232302929282930313131
Min Temp Night in Zanzibar Beaches232222232221201919202122
Hours of Sunshine in Zanzibar Beaches887668888888
Hours of Daylight in Zanzibar Beaches121212121212121212121212
Number Rainy Days in Zanzibar Beaches105121716778891313
Rainfall in Zanzibar Beaches86541503852547050485296216184
Zanzibar is known for its gracely nice beaches and handsome seneries of the Islands
Ngorongoro Crater
Max Temp Day in Ngorongoro Crater232322211919192021222222
Min Temp Night in Ngorongoro Crater1010101110888891010
Hours of Sunshine in Ngorongoro Crater887677778877
Hours of Daylight in Ngorongoro Crater121212121212121212121212
Number Rainy Days in Ngorongoro Crater1615182215766591718
Rainfall in Ngorongoro Crater108891362131002212151155114
Ngorongoro Crater is a unique feature that needs time of its own
Dar es Salaam
Number + Rainy DaysJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Max Temp Day in Dar es Salaam323232313029292930313132
Min Temp Night in Dar es Salaam232323232220191919202123
Hours of Sunshine in Dar es Salaam887568888988
Hours of Daylight in Dar es Salaam121212121212121212121213
Number Rainy Days in Dar es Salaam10412171466657912
Rainfall in Dar es Salaam70491202291534026232549106114
Nothing is anything if you dont know the big city Dar es salaam